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Sure, we wrap you with comfort as soon as you walk in our doors, but we also make sure that every time we care for your mouth, we do it with precision. Some might call it smile perfection! Dr. Widener doesn’t like to do anything just mediocre. He is so dedicated to impeccable dentistry that he even has an on-site digital lab that designs crowns in the same day appointment. His newest technology addition is the Solea laser that allows him to perform almost all fillings without any shots or drill.


If you have been wishing you could find the ideal dentistry for yourself or for your family, look no further than Widener Family Dentistry. We are here to make you smile!

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Dr Craig Widener - Widener Family Dentistry

Widener Family DentistryWidener Family DentistryI strive for excellence in everything I do and my patients get that. I also try to set everyone at ease…

I try to anticipate their needs and figure out what will make them comfortable.

Dr. Craig Widener