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Bowdon Cosmetic Dentistry

When a Smile is Your Best Accessory

We are all about the bling – bright, sparkling, blingy smiles, that is.

We understand that not everyone has a smile they feel good about, and we think that is a shame. Hiding your smile or avoiding cameras can cramp anyone’s style and take the zest right out of life.

Good thing Widener Family Dentistry offers cosmetic care! Our approach to aesthetic dentistry isn’t just for show, though. These procedures also get your mouth healthy and strong. And that’s just smart dentistry. In short, it’s brains, beauty, and brawn in one beautiful smile. What more could you ask for?

These little treasures offer an instant smile makeover. They can repair chipped or broken teeth, lengthen short or worn down teeth, cover stains that won’t budge with whitening, close gaps, and even straighten crooked teeth. How? Porcelain veneers act just like any other kind of veneer – they replace a less attractive surface with one that looks perfectly beautiful. Made of ultra-thin layers of porcelain, they mimic the natural translucency and color variations of natural teeth, yet they are strong, long-lasting, and stain resistant. If you want a brand new smile that looks so natural people will wonder why you look refreshed and renewed, talk to us about our custom-crafted porcelain veneers!

Some smiles need more love than others. When your smile needs tender loving care to look its very best and function the way you need it to, full-mouth restorations could be your ticket to health and beauty. We address the needs of every tooth in your mouth, taking care to also pay attention to your bite. Depending on your particular needs and goals, we can employ every tool in our arsenal from tooth whitening and recontouring to dental crowns, implants, and veneers. We can also map out a plan to suit your time and budget needs to complete your full-mouth restoration a little at a time or all at once.

Your tooth broke, you want a crown to get it back to feeling normal, but there isn’t anything to attach to above the gumline! What’s a smile to do? Introducing crown-lengthening, your damaged tooth’s best friend. Crown lengthening surgery is a simple procedure – especially since we use our Solea laser so there are no sutures, no bleeding, and no down-time. We just gently sculpt away some tissue to expose more tooth surface, and voila! Time to place your restoration. That new smile sure looks good on you!

Do you feel as if your teeth are too short to show off? Ask us about our cosmetic gum contouring! Your teeth may not be short at all; they may just have too much gum tissue covering them. Gum overgrowth can be caused by a variety of things from genetics to certain kinds of medications. But whatever the cause, gum contouring is an easy, painless solution. We use our Solea laser for this procedure too for sutureless tissue sculpting. You’ll leave our office with an undeniable glow, not stitches.

Dr. Widener can work magic with composite dental bonding. He is an artist at heart and a perfectionist in the treatment room, so you know he can make your teeth look good as new… or better! Whatever you need, from repair of chips and smoothing of minor imperfections, to reshaping and resurfacing your teeth, sculpted composite bonding does it all. This material is so versatile, it can even be perfectly matched to your natural teeth so no one will know you have had any work done. Why not ask us about tooth bonding today?

Little irregularities in your teeth can make a big difference in how you feel about your smile. Some people hate their long canines, while others wish their front teeth were closer to the size of the rest of their ivories. Let the smile experts at Widener Family Dentistry help. With our tooth recontouring techniques and an aesthetically trained eye, we can smooth, even, and perfect your tooth line. It doesn’t hurt, and the results are immediate.

Go ahead! Flash your, uh, dull, grayish smile. Or don’t – until you see us, that is! Anyone can suffer from tooth stains. Coffee, tea, berries, licorice, wine, tomato sauce… well, just about anything colorful you eat or drink leaves something behind. But our smile whitening can bleach your teeth and get them looking bright, dazzling, and youthful again. We offer both easy and convenient professional whitening strips and in-office laser whitening. Either choice will erase the dull and leave behind nothing but gleam. Ask us about how we can whiten your smile today!