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Bowdon Family Dentistry

Passing Down Smiles
from Generation to Generation


Dr. Widener and his team are dedicated to caring for your family just as we do our own. Seeing healthy smiles from the whole family is part of what motivates us to do what we do everyday here at Widener Family Dentistry. We like to think smiling is contagious!


We love bringing families together with a smile and offer:

  • Total dental care in one location |
  • Convenient whole-family appointments
  • Kid-friendly play areas & outdoor playground |
  • Parent seating in exam and treatment rooms


So come on! Do a little family bonding with Widener Family Dentistry. It’s the gentle general dentistry your family will love.

Patients tell us our exams are the most comprehensive they have ever had. We take these exams very seriously because they offer us the best opportunity to discover problems before they develop. And isn’t that preventive dentistry at its best – the kind that preserves your natural tooth structure? We think so! During these exams we look at both the outside and inside of your mouth. We’re on the lookout for muscle soreness or jaw popping that could indicate a problem with your TMJ, and document how your teeth fit together. We measure your gum pockets and check for infection, examine teeth for signs of wear or decay, and simply making sure everything looks healthy with proper development. Even kids can get involved in these dental exams, checking out their x-rays, talking about their hygiene habits, and learning all about their smiles.

No one wants to find out that they have mouth cancer! But with so many new causes being uncovered (even sun exposure leads to oral cancer) it is something we want to look for at every visit. We use visual and manual screening techniques to check your oral tissue for the tiniest abnormality, unusual sores or lesions, raised patches, and discoloration. We know that if oral cancer is caught early, it is easy to stop in its tracks.

X-ray vision! It’s one of our super-powers… with the help of some advanced technology that is. We use digital x-rays because they not only expose you and your family to far less radiation, they are available instantly, easier to read, and we can store them in your digital files. We also offer panographic x-rays for a full picture of your head and neck.

The cleaner your teeth and gums are, the healthier they are likely to stay. We take plenty of time to gently remove all tartar and plaque buildup on your teeth and around gums. Keeping teeth and gums as free as possible of this bacteria will also keep your body healthier. Plus, we check for problems like oral cancer and bite problems, so don’t skip your scheduled hygiene visits!

Periodontal disease can appear without much warning and very few symptoms. That’s why we check your mouth and measure your gum pockets at every visit. We also ask that you tell us if you have any gum recession, swelling, or bleeding while brushing or flossing. Bleeding is not normal! If we do discover a gum infection, we might choose to treat it here, but in extreme or advanced cases, we might also elect to refer you to a periodontist for treatment. Either way, we’ll get your infection cleared – and you back to smiling – in no time.

When you eat or drink sweet or acidic foods, even when you chew, your teeth lose some of their protective minerals. That’s why we offer fluoride. It remineralizes teeth, protects against cavities, and even helps reduce dental sensitivity. We recommend frequent fluoride treatments at every visit for children and regular treatments for adults who are prone to cavities as well.

Protecting your smile is really important, isn’t it? Honestly, what would you do without it? Whether you have your own wonderfully natural teeth or you have a lot of precious restorations, mouthguards for sports activities and nighttime grinding and clenching, otherwise known as bruxism, are important. And our dental guards are awesome: Created right here in our in-house laboratory, they are perfectly fitted to your or your child’s mouth for superior comfort and function. Why do we go to so much trouble just for a mouthguard? Dr. Widener likes things to work for his patients. If he is making your mouthguard with his own hands, you know it is going to work.

Dental phobia is real! We understand. We know that even mild anxiety about your dental appointments can be a hindrance to comfort so we offer both nitrous oxide and valium. Because of our gentle and compassionate approach, most patients don’t need ongoing anxiety support, but if they do, we are here to help. We always welcome parents to stay with their children. We offer stools so parents don’t have to feel as if they are hovering in the background of the treatments rooms. If your kids need dental anesthesia, we offer pediatric options as well. Ask us how we can help – we never judge or question you for being nervous!

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea but have trouble wearing your CPAP device, talk to us about a dental appliance for sleep apnea. We can work with your sleep physician to create an appliance that will hold your mouth in the proper position to end snoring and hold your airway open. Our tiny dental appliances are also ideal for people who snore. If you want to get better rest because of snoring or CPAP intolerance, talk to us about our dental appliances. You’ll be sleeping through the night in no time!

Does your jaw click and pop? Do you have frequent jaw or neck pain? Do headaches keep you from fully enjoying life? You may be suffering from TMJ disorder. Stop suffering and start smiling with Widener Family Dentistry splint therapy. Our splints will balance your bite to bring everything back into comfortable balance and harmony.