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It’s Hip to Be Healthy!

Did you know that great health starts with a smile? Your mouth really is connected to the rest of your body… and we don’t just mean what you eat or drink. The health of your teeth and gums, and the balance and harmony of your bite, affect you too.

  • Infection in your teeth or gums can enter your bloodstream leading to everything from diabetes or pregnancy complications to systemic inflammation and heart disease. Some cancers have even been directly linked to periodontal disease.
  • A badly aligned bite can cause tooth wear and breakage, jaw pain, and chronic migraines.
  • Cavities and other oral diseases cause kids to miss 51 million school hours.

It’s a major problem!

Widener Family Dentistry to the Rescue

We offer dental services for the whole family that can solve your tooth problems and, often, even prevent them before they start.

Our advanced technology makes treatments faster and more effective, and our gentle touch keeps even the youngest family member feeling at ease. It’s care you can count on to keep your smile – and you – going strong for life!

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